Kamyar A.

To me, Mr. Varzandeh and his team are definitely one of the best in their field of work. I am not only impressed by his excellent, wise, and accurate services, but also his personality as a real gentleman. He helped me a lot and finally got my case resolved by his professional experience in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend him.

Ali S.

I must start by saying that I never do any thing before having done my research. I was impressed by Mr. Varzandeh's background and his firm's reputation but was even more impressed since the day I walked into the firm's office. Yes or No is an answer that you will rarely get from an attorney, but Mr. Varzandeh is so professional and on top of the case from the first shake hand that he will give you a Yes or a No and above that how to turn your No into a Yes!!! It has been a bless to be represented by this firm.I have and will recommend them with no doubt and with all the confidence in the world as I know the refered will be taken care by the best group possible just like I have been.

V Y.

I am so impressed that I had to leave a review! Mr Varzandeh have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome. If you want a great experience with an attorney who will do everything possible resolve your immigration issues I definitely recommend him.

Fatima k.

I want to express huge gratitude to Mr. Varzandeh and his very professional and caring team who achieved so much for me in such fast speed. He is an expert in his field of law beyond any expectation. Previous to engaging Mr. Varzandeh, another immigration lawyer was not only unable to help me but he had made my case so much worse that I was at the brink of deportation. I am an innocent law abiding member of society and was extremely concerned. Mr. Varzandeh was incredible in talent and professional skill. From brink of deportation he argued my case at court and I am now on my way to having my green card in only 8 months!!. I couldn't be more grateful and happy with his amazing and very swift care!!!!

Shahrzad E.

Houman Varzandeh is the best immigration attorney I have ever known! Everyone is very professional in the office and he is very knowledgable. Having to deal with immigration matters, I always felt nervous and just overwhelmed until I found him. He explained everything that was going on and everything that would happen step by step. He always took the time to make sure I knew ecaxtly what was going to happen. Every time I reached out to him, he responded right away, which was always very important to me. I can never than him enough!

Ar A.

I asked lots of people to find a very proffesional attorney, all my friends recommended Mr.Varzandeh. After I met him I had a very good feeling towards his office, I was really impressed by his great attitude and his honesty and professionalism. Now that I got the best result today, I feel like tell everyone who are in great need of help for even the most tough and complicated cases , I cant recommend anyone better than him and his team. Thank you Mr. Varzandeh...

Gloria G.


Let me just start by saying that this professional firm is above and beyond the best immigration attorneys to work with .
I have been in the USA for the last 28 years and for the last 22 years I was living in fear, as I was an undocumented alien, I had NO driver license NO social and NO work permit.
The last 22 years, I have seen dozen attorneys and spend thousands of dollars, but unfortunately no attorney wanted to try my case. I had no hope what so ever, at least that's what all the attorneys that I consulted with said, until I met Mr. Houman Varzandeh. He came highly recommended from a friend.
I immediately called and made an appointment. On the day of my appointment I walked in to his office with my wife and we were very impressed. Everything looked organized and professional.
I explained my situation to Mr. Houman and when I was done telling him my story, he was surprised that for the last 22 years I was able to live like this and that I had never been detained. My case was very unique and extremely difficult, then Mr. Houman asked me that in order for him to even consider to take my case he would need to review my file and get back to me if he decides to try my case. We left his office thinking he's just like the other attorneys ( just pay your consultation fee and will get back to you soon) But I felt like there was something about his reaction to me and my case. One week later I received a call from Mr. Houman telling me that he will try my case. I was surprised. As In all of my 22 years no attorney wanted to take or try my case.
When I saw him the second time, he sat down and explained the long, difficult road and the challenges that we are going to face to get me my Green Card.
After 6 long years of battle and stress and of course the determination and the focus of Mr. Houman and the lovely Lisa Anderson, I was finally able to be legal in this awesome country.
Long story short, I have NEVER seen or heard of any attorney like Houman and Lisa being so attached to my case and actually getting emotional when they delivered me the good news.
I recommend Varzandeh Anderson LLP over and over again if you're looking for an immigration attorney that actually listens to you and responds to your emails and calls then look no further.
Houman and Lisa are no longer my attorneys they are my friends for life.
I will always include them in my blessings.
Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
Thank you Houman and Lisa for all your hard work and dedication.
Love D.


My husband and I worked with Lisa for his green card application. The process was totally smooth and painless. Lisa was fantastic - professional and always quick to respond to our questions and concerns throughout the entire process.


Lisa made my immigration experience from Canada to the USA flawless.

My husband and I had a complicated scenario and she managed to untangle the knots quickly. She persevered through some dilemmas and was on top of everything until we got what we needed.

She was attentive to any of my concerns about timing and reached out to give me updates to calm any potential worry, even when it was a daily event. Her understanding and interest in that regard is what brought me piece of mind through a personally, stressful time.

We are so happy to have it all wrapped up and enjoy our life together with more opportunities ahead.

Thank you Lisa!!! We are so grateful for your time and service.


I would recommend this firm to all my friends and people in need of assistance on their immigration case.

The level of professionalism and knowledge of the law is exceptional. They used to work for the government for many years as a prosecutors, which allows them to have a clear and concise view of every case.

My case went very well due to the circumstances, but make sure you do follow their instructions. They do take care of every aspect and help you to have a piece of mind during this stressful process.

Thank you Lisa!

R H.

kindness, poise and beauty. She was very professional, promptly answered all our inquiries, and laid out to us clearly all the fees and expectations of our case. My family and I felt secure having her with us from the very first step of our green card processing leading up to our interview. She made the process so seamless, and Praise God, we got our green cards within 7 business days!
I will refer her to anybody who needs a lawyer that can deliver and truly cares about her clients.

Anita R.

Going through immigration cases in a very stressful and sincere process and needs to be handed to a trustful law firm, just like Varzandeh Anderson LLP.
Besides the knowledge and experience which is a very important part of their success, they CARE about their clients which gives you calmness.

I feel blessed that I got the change to know Lisa and Houman.
I would recommend them to everyone with no doubt!
Thank you for being such a strong and supportive team.