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Varzandeh Anderson LLP is a collaboration of two former United States government Los Angeles immigration attorneys, Houman Varzandeh and Lisa Anderson. Both Houman and Lisa started their legal careers in immigration law in Los Angeles, California. They were both chosen by President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General to serve as United States Department of Justice Honor Law Attorneys, working as trial lawyers for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in detained and non-detained immigration Courts. During their distinguished careers as government immigration law attorneys, they prosecuted cases for years on behalf of the United States government in deportation and removal hearings before immigration Courts throughout Los Angeles and outlying immigration Courts in California.

However, as ideological liberals they both decided that helping people immigrate or remain in the United States was more within their hearts than separating families through removal and deportation. So, they both left the INS and the prosecution of illegal immigrants, and began zealously defending the rights of immigrants to remain in our country in immigration Courts throughout Los Angeles, California and the United States.

Today, they run one of the most respected full service immigration law firms in Los Angeles, California and are dedicated to the rights and dreams of individuals fighting to immigrate and stay in the United States. They firmly believe that immigration clients have the right to be treated with respect, honesty, and the highest level of integrity.

Although located in Los Angeles, California both Lisa and Houman are highly sought after immigration attorneys by individuals throughout the United States and the world. Whether it be by anxious individuals or families facing removal or deportation in immigration Court, or distinguished criminal attorneys seeking legal advice on federal law and how to plea to criminal convictions to avoid the devastating consequences of deportation and removal for their clients, or by foreign nationals of extraordinary ability in the arts, entertainment and sciences trying to immigrate to the United States, or prosperous individuals wishing to invest considerable money in the United States in order to immigrate to this country.

Rest assured that if you are in need of any immigration legal help, Varzandeh Anderson LLP is the first law firm you should consult. If you are facing removal and deportation, if you are in immigration Court, if you are detained, if you need any immigration help in Los Angeles or the United States, call Varzandeh Anderson LLP and put your mind at ease that you will receive extraordinary immigration legal advice and representation.

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